My son, Atticus, is 8 years old and in the second grade. He’s an empath to his core, an obsessive artist, a book lover, and literally the kindest person I know (Seriously. This kid says things like, “Do nothing to interrupt happiness” on a daily basis). This past December, Atticus, along with his brother, sister and I, were discussing current events and, as it was nearly Christmas, also gifts and gratitude. The war in Syria was a big part of that conversation, and Atticus was moved by the comparison of his relative fortune to the current situation of Syrian children. Atticus told me he wanted to write a book to raise money to send them. We busy moms know how easy it is to let these proclamations fall to the side, but I was determined to help him bring his idea to fruition. So, we did it!


Atticus (with just a bit of help from me) has written a children’s picture book and we are selling it with 100% of the proceeds to be donated to Preemptive Love Coalition. He conceived the story about himself and his best friend, a stuffed horse he’s had since birth and sleeps with every night. It is a story of enduring friendship and he illustrated every single page. We’ve been working on it since Christmas break, and it is has just been self-published.


Please consider buying a copy to support a boy’s dream and refugees.


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