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We all have obstructions; things that distract us from reveling in gratitude for this beautiful life.  Maybe it’s the race against time – the bank account that needs balanced, the dentist appointment that should have been made a month ago.  Maybe it’s the pretense of perfection – the home that must be magazine worthy, the carefully crafted Facebook post about the best day ever.  Maybe it’s the fog of the mundane – the mountain of never-ending laundry, the dinner your kids insist on being served every single night.


My Unplugged Sessions are all about removing these obstructions.  Not taking the day to day for granted.   Appreciating all that you have right now.  Screw perfection!  This is about unplugging from  distractions and plugging into gratitude.


So let’s set aside some special family time.  You don’t have to buy a special wardrobe or get your nails done.  You don’t even have to clean your house…or your kids.  Just settle in and enjoy the day with the ones you love.  You’ll make new memories.  I’ll make honest images of your beautiful life. 


Let’s chat about how awesome that would be. Click here to get started!