wywh with descriptor

Photographers from around the world, keeping in touch by sharing weekly virtual postcards from our life. These were my contributions from 2014. The project is continuing through 2015. Click here if you’d like to follow along through this year’s project.

// 2014

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK1
Week 1, Living Room

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK2
Week 2, Seeing

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK3
Week 3, Adjustment

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK4
Week 4, Polar Vortex

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK5
Week 5, Cabin Fever

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK6
Week 6, Birthday Party

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK7
Week 7, Imagination at Play

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK8
Week 8, Preparing to Paint

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK9
Week 9, First Shave

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK10
Week 10, Back Creek Blues

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK11
Week 11, Chapped Lips/Bruised Arms

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK12
Week 12, Homestead Park

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK13
Week 13, Natural Habitat

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK14
Week 14, Waiting for Butterflies

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK15
Week 15, Singular Stories

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK16
Week 16, Sundrenched Brothers

stephanie jackson_earth day festival parking_ohio_WK17
Week 17, Earth Day Festival Parking

WYWH_stephanie jackson_little big girl_backyard ohio_WK18
Week 18, Little Big Girl

stephanie jackson_high noon water balloon_ohio_WK19
Week 19, High Noon Water Balloon

WYWH_stephanie jackson_overwhelmed_backyard_ohio_WK20
Week 20, Overwhelmed

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK21_super cones_backyard_ohio
Week 21, Supercones

stephanie jackson_connection_backyard Ohio_WK24
Week 24, Connection

stephanie jackson_wounded_ohio_WK25
Week 25, Wounded

stephanie jackson_grandmas house_ohio_WK26
Week 26, Grandma’s House

stephanie jackson_nine year leftovers_ohio_WK27
Week 27, Nine-Year Leftovers

stephanie jackson_three year old man_ohio_WK28
Week 28, Three Year Old Man

stephanie jackson_time for bed_ohio_WK29
Week 29, Time for Bed

stephanie jackson_tow truck_ohio_WK30
Week 30, Tow Truck

stephanie jackson_state fair_ohio
Week 31, State Fair

stephanie jackson_two in one_ohio_WK32
Week 32, Two in One

stephanie jackson_preparing to swing_backyard ohio_WK33
Week 33, Preparing to Swing

stephanie jackson_lines and curves_columbus museum of art_ohio
Week 34, Lines and Curves

WYWH_stephanie jackson_to be a boy_ohio
Week 35, To be a Boy

stephanie jackson_new toy_backyard_ohio_WK36
Week 36, New Toy

stephanie jackson_downpour_ohio_WK37
Week 37, Downpour

stephanie jackson_shark prince_ohio_wk38
Week 38, Shark Prince

stephanie jackson_back to the future_WK39
Week 39, Back to the Future

stephanie jackson_no heat, only light_ohio_WK41
Week 41, No Heat/Only Light

stephanie jackson_up and down_ohio_wk42
Week 42, Up and Down

stephanie jackson_blindsided_ohio_WK43
Week 43, Blindsided

stephanie jackson_shadow puppets_ohio
Week 44, Shadow Puppets

stephanie jackson_all day every day_WK45
Week 45, All Day Every Day

stephanie jackson_tea time_ohio_WK47
Week 47, Tea Time

stephanie jackson_his choice_ohio_WK48
Week 48, His Choice

stephanie jackson_hero_ohio_WK49
Week 49, Hero

stephanie jackson_grandpas trumpet_ohio_WK51
Week 51, Grandpa’s Trumpet

stephanie jackson_hide and seek_ohio_WK52
Week 52, Hide and Seek