wywh with descriptor

Photographers from around the world, keeping in touch by sharing weekly virtual postcards from our life. These were my contributions from 2015. The project is continuing through 2016. Click here if you’d like to follow along through this year’s project.

// 2015

wywh_stephanie jackson_1Week 1, Brothers

wywh_stephanie jackson_3Week 2, Profile

wywh_stephanie jackson_2Week 3, Strange Bird

wywh_stephanie jackson_4Week 4, Reading in Bed

wywh_stephanie jackson_5Week 5, Looking Older

wywh_stephanie jackson_54Week 6, Screen-Free Sunday

wywh_stephanie jackson_5Week 7, Paparazzi

wywh_stephanie jackson_10Week 8, Small but Mighty

wywh_stephanie jackson_11Week 9, Friends

wywh_stephanie jackson_56Week 10, For Kay

wywh_stephanie jackson_12Week 11, True Love

wywh_stephanie jackson_13Week 12, Lemon Lover

wywh_stephanie jackson_57Week 13, Boys

wywh_stephanie jackson_16Week 14, The Gang’s All Here

wywh_stephanie jackson_14Week 15, All Out

wywh_stephanie jackson_17Week 16, Tattle-Tale

wywh_stephanie jackson_15Week 17, Age Gap

wywh_stephanie jackson_19Week 18, Chalked

wywh_stephanie jackson_18Week 19, Heart and Bones

wywh_stephanie jackson_20Week 20, Explorers

wywh_stephanie jackson_21Week 21, Found Decapitation

wywh_stephanie jackson_58Week 22, Dwell

wywh_stephanie jackson_60Week 23, Waiting for Fireflies

wywh_stephanie jackson_90Week 24, Revisiting Memories

wywh_stephanie jackson_95Week 25, Slippy Slide

wywh_stephanie jackson_65Week 26, Juicy

wywh_stephanie jackson_62Week 27, The Baby

wywh_stephanie jackson_61Week 28, Slice of Life

wywh_stephanie jackson_64Week 29, Groundhog Hunt

wywh_stephanie jackson_63Week 30, Discover

wywh_stephanie jackson_66Week 31, Over the Rainbow

wywh_stephanie jackson_69Week 32, Stranger and Stranger

wywh_stephanie jackson_67Week 33, Balloon Festival

wywh_stephanie jackson_70Week 34, The Brothers

wywh_stephanie jackson_68Week 35, Light Bright

wywh_stephanie jackson_72Week 36, Box Fort

wywh_stephanie jackson_71Week 37, Season Change

wywh_stephanie jackson_75Week 38, Bounty

wywh_stephanie jackson_74Week 39, The Whole Thing

wywh_stephanie jackson_76Week 40, The Beginning

wywh_stephanie jackson_73Week 41, Wheels

wywh_stephanie jackson_77Week 42, Considering Art

wywh_stephanie jackson_78Week 43, One Less Tooth

wywh_stephanie jackson_46Week 44, The Old Pine

wywh_stephanie jackson_79Week 45, Bath Night

wywh_stephanie jackson_80Week 46, Sunday Funday

wywh_stephanie jackson_81Week 47, Shadow Hulk

wywh_stephanie jackson_83Week 48, ‘Tis the Season

wywh_stephanie jackson_84Week 49, Lost Years

wywh_stephanie jackson_82Week 50, Cold Ears

wywh_stephanie jackson_85Week 51, Until Next Year

wywh_stephanie jackson_86Week 52, Bookend